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Self-Watering Planter

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Self-Watering Planter

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Our self-watering pot is a sleek, modern plant pot with a built-in irrigation system. Simply pot your plant, fill the water reservoir, and let your plant drink the water it needs through the wick - just like bottom-watering! Just refill the water reservoir whenever it’s empty to keep your plant happy and thriving.

Made with a blend of sustainably sourced bamboo and melamine at a BSCI-compliant factory, our self-watering planter keeps your plants and our planet green.


  • Self-watering wick
  • Locking system
  • Convenient watering spout
  • Water spout cover to keep pests out
  • Lightweight
  • Made with FSC-certified bamboo


  • Size: Top: 5.5” Bottom: 4.5” Height: 5.5"
  • Materials: melamine resin, FSC-certified bamboo, corn starch
  • Includes planter, attachable saucer, spout cover, and wick for self watering water reservoir

Potting the self-watering planter is easy, watch how:


How does the self-watering planter work?

Our self-watering planter is designed to allow your plant to drink only what it needs. Your plant goes in the top portion of the planter, while the bottom portion holds a water reservoir. A wick runs between the top and bottom portion, acting as a vehicle for your plant to suck up the water using capillary action.

How long can I go between waterings?

How long a tray full of water lasts depends on the plant and its environment (sunlight, humidity etc). Depending on these factors, the self-watering planter can keep your plant watered for 3-7 days.

What is the pot made of?

Our planters are made of a blend of FSC-certified, sustainably sourced bamboo, melamine resin, and corn starch. 

Can I use it outside?

Our pots are best used indoors, since the bamboo can fade in the sun over time.

Can this go in a plant hanger?

Yes! Our planters work great for hangers, since the self-watering feature makes it so that you don’t have to water your hard-to-reach plants as often.

Will this planter fit on a plant stand?

Yes, but check the size of your plant stand first to make sure it can accommodate a 5” base pot.

Is this pot good for growing herbs?

Yes, herbs grow well in our self-watering planter. Use it with basil, mint, and any herb you want to snip from when cooking.

Is the bottom removable?

Yes, the top and bottom portions of the self-watering planter fit snugly with a locking mechanism.