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Self-Watering Planter

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Self-Watering Planter

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Our self-watering planter is a sleek, modern plant pot with a built-in irrigation system. Simply pot your plant, fill the water reservoir, and let your plant drink the water it needs through the wick - just like bottom-watering! Just refill the water reservoir whenever it’s empty to keep your plant happy and thriving.

Made with a blend of sustainably sourced bamboo, melamine and cornstarch at a BSCI-compliant factory, our self-watering planter keeps your plants and our planet green.


  • Self-watering wick
  • Locking system
  • Convenient watering spout
  • Water spout cover to keep pests out
  • Lightweight
  • Made with FSC-certified bamboo


  • Size: Top: 5.5” Bottom: 4.5” Height: 5.5"
  • Materials: melamine resin, FSC-certified bamboo, corn starch
  • Includes planter, attachable saucer, spout cover, and wick for self watering water reservoir

Potting the self-watering planter is easy, watch how:


How does the self-watering planter work?

Our self-watering planter is designed to allow your plant to drink only what it needs. Your plant goes in the top portion of the planter, while the bottom portion holds a water reservoir. A wick runs between the top and bottom portion, acting as a vehicle for your plant to suck up the water using capillary action.

How long can I go between waterings?

How long a tray full of water lasts depends on the plant and its environment (sunlight, humidity etc). Depending on these factors, the self-watering planter can keep your plant watered for 3-7 days.

What is the pot made of?

Our planters are made of a blend of FSC-certified, sustainably sourced bamboo, melamine resin, and corn starch. 

Can I use it outside?

Our pots are best used indoors, since the bamboo can fade in the sun over time.

Can this go in a plant hanger?

Yes! Our planters work great for hangers, since the self-watering feature makes it so that you don’t have to water your hard-to-reach plants as often.

Will this planter fit on a plant stand?

Yes, but check the size of your plant stand first to make sure it can accommodate a 5” base pot.

Is this pot good for growing herbs?

Yes, herbs grow well in our self-watering planter. Use it with basil, mint, and any herb you want to snip from when cooking.

Is the bottom removable?

Yes, the top and bottom portions of the self-watering planter fit snugly with a locking mechanism.

Customer Reviews

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Upgrade your Plant Parent Lifestyle

Being a frugal terracotta pot buyer I rarely justify planters that cost more than the plant but this self watering planter is the only one some of my more needy plants are happy in. (Oxalis Triangularis)


my spider plant is loving this planter! It's so easy to bottom water and I love that it comes with a spout cover. Also the packaging was beautiful

Ordering again

This planter has been a life saver. I used to constantly kill plants, and I finally have a tool that helps.Would recommend

Love this planter!

It's so pretty and easy to use! I love that it keeps my plants watered.


Every brown thumb needs this self watering planter!!!