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plant new year's resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Plant Parents

Our plants give us so much. They clean the air we breathe, help us feel closer to nature, reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, and so much more. 

With everything plants do for us, sometimes they don’t get the attention they deserve. I know I’ve let my plants get dusty, and I haven’t fertilized them in ages. 

Especially this year, I want to make sure I give back to my plants as much as they’ve given to me. These are some easy new year’s resolutions to be a more ethical, caring plant parent.

Create a leaf-wiping schedule

Houseplants remove dust particles from the air by trapping them on the surface of their leaves. If we don’t remove the dust from their leaves once in a while, they won’t be able to absorb sunlight and photosynthesize.

My current leaf-wiping routine is somewhat arbitrary: I see a dusty plant, and I wipe it down. I want to be more methodical, making sure my leaves aren’t being bogged down by dust for too long. My resolution is to put in a bi-weekly calendar reminder to take a moist cloth and wipe down all my plants. 

Join a plant swap club

It’s so easy to run to Home Depot every time I want a new plant. But it’s more sustainable to adopt a plant, whether it’s a cutting or full plant. Plus, creating ties with other local plant lovers helps to strengthen the plant parent community bond and foster new connections.

Research my plants’ origins

Helping your plants thrive starts with understanding their ideal environment. Do they naturally grow on a shady jungle floor? Or maybe they’re happiest with something to climb? 

By replicating the light, water, and humidity of their native environment, you will help to make your plants comfortable and happy in your home.

Propagate new plants

Propagating plants is a sustainable way to grow your indoor jungle. So far, the only plant I’ve propagated is pothos and calathea. This year, I want to get adventurous with the types of plants I propagate. Maybe I’ll try my hand at propagating a snake plant? Or perhaps a ZZ. 

Donate to an environmental charity

You can’t love plants without loving where they come from. With rising temperatures and deforestation, our global ecosystem is in danger. There are organizations like Greenpeace and Rainforest Alliance work to solve urgent environmental challenges around the world. Donating to their cause can help heal our planet and let us continue enjoying nature, indoors and out.


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