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plant care sidekick

Meet the sustainable self-watering planter that helps you keep more plants alive.

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A better way to plant parent


Like a built-in plant sitter that you don’t need to leave a key for


Made from a blend of sustainably-sourced bamboo and durable resin

Longer plant life

Your plant stays watered, even when you're not around

How it works

The sustainable self-watering planters designed to help keep your plants happy and healthy.

The reviews are in

I've been looking for a self-watering planter like this forever. I went on a trip and came back to happy healthy plants! Definitely recommend.

This is my favorite planter! It looks so good and keeps my plants so much healthier than before.

I'm obsessed with this planter! It's perfect for my fern that needs constant watering.

My plants have absolutely love this pot! I've killed more plants than I can count, and since I got this planter I've killed 0. I'm so happy I got this.

How Our Self-Watering Planter Compares

Perfect for plant parents that are busy or love to travel and not come home to dead plants.

"I love this planter! The self-watering feature works great, my maranta is absolutely loving it. I love that I can leave it for several days and not worry about watering it."

Plant parenting just got easier

Simply pot your plant and fill the reservoir. The wick will pull water up to the plant through capillary action - think like a drinking straw for your plant! When your plant is thirsty again, just refill the reservoir.